Appealing A Social Security Disability Denial

Getting a denial notice from the Social Security Administration (SSA) can be frustrating. It is even worse if you are in desperate need of the assistance. The good news is that, if you do not delay, then you can appeal SSA’s decision. It is important to pay attention to any important deadlines in SSA’s notice. […]

Fighting Personal Injury and Accident Injury Cases

If you or someone you love or know has suffered an injury in an accident. Henry and Williams Law is committed to helping obtain maximum compensation for your pain and suffering. We have over 55 years of experience in helping clients who have suffered from automobile wrecks, accidents caused by drunk drivers, hit and run […]

Should I Consult With a Lawyer?

As an individual who worked as a paralegal for a couple years after college, I am a huge proponent of consulting lawyers when you have problems that need to be resolved with the help of a professional. That being said, what are three specific instances in which you should consult a lawyer. First, I’d say […]

When is Bankruptcy the Best Option?

In today’s economic climate, many people have been finding themselves having serious financial difficulties. If you find yourself in a bad situation financially, you may be wondering if filing for bankruptcy may be the best option to get yourself out of it. While there are some situations that may warrant filing for bankruptcy, you need […]

Hiring an Injury Attorney

Ordinarily, you would expect that when you suffer from an injury afflicted through another person’s carelessness, the person should own up and compensate you. Another expectation would be to receive a call from their insurer asking you to go and pick your compensation check. Sadly, this never happens and if it does, the people involved […]

How Insurance Can Protect You

Let’s face it, we live in an unpredictable world and we never know when something bad is going to come our way. In order to best prevent a financial catastrophe from happening you want to make sure you know how to best protect your money. Money & Markets is a great resource for tips regarding […]

Alcohol Treatment for Women

Alcoholism is a terrible disease that affects millions of people. Most people usually think of men being alcoholics. However, this disease knows no gender, and women are equally affected by alcoholism. There are many symptoms of alcoholism. One of the symptoms is feeling a “need” to drink. In addition, the individual may experience withdrawal symptoms […]