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Alcohol Treatment for Women

Alcoholism is a terrible disease that affects millions of people. Most people usually think of men being alcoholics. However, this disease knows no gender, and women are equally affected by alcoholism. There are many symptoms of alcoholism. One of the symptoms is feeling a “need” to drink. In addition, the individual may experience withdrawal symptoms […]

How the YMCA Benefits Inner City Youth

Benefits of the YMCA to Inner City Youth The YMCA was first recognized in 1844 and was started by George Williams. Originally, the organizations, were founded specifically to offer housing to rural men and women, in a safe, Christian-based environment. Since then, the YMCA has grown exponentially, and, today the organization offers a plethora of […]

A Great Shave Makes a Great Impression

Right or wrong, in today’s world, everyone and anyone are judged on first impressions. People are looked at and judged for how they look, what they say, and their appearance. That is why it is so important and so vital to make a good first impression because a good first impression promises a second impression […]

Recover From Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can be devastating for you and your family. It can ruin your good credit that you have worked have worked so hard to establish. However, not all is lost if you have to file for bankruptcy. There are steps you can take to help repair your credit and financial reputation after filing […]

International Academy of Film and Television

The International Academy of Film and Television is a famed private school that was founded by Michael Gleissner of Bigfoot Entertainment in 2003. The academy began in the Philippines, but has since expanded to a few nations throughout the world. The locations of each facility are as follows: Cebu, Philippines, Miami, FL, Los Angeles, CA, […]

Reducing Stress in Your Life

Everyone suffers from stress now and then; however, there are things you can do to reduce stress, especially if it interferes in your daily activities. To reduce and manage stress, it is important to take charge of your emotions, thoughts and the way you look and deal with problems. Managing stress begins by finding out […]


Back to School Shopping on a Budget

It’s that time again. Time to head back to school, and of course, there is the always fun “back-to-school shopping.” This can be a great time to explore the new fashions on the runway and in stores and to get some cute outfits for fall, but it can also be stressful both for students and […]