Alcohol Treatment for Women

Alcoholism is a terrible disease that affects millions of people. Most people usually think of men being alcoholics. However, this disease knows no gender, and women are equally affected by alcoholism.
There are many symptoms of alcoholism. One of the symptoms is feeling a “need” to drink. In addition, the individual may experience withdrawal symptoms if he does not drink. Such symptoms may include sweating, nausea, and vomiting. An individual may also drink at certain times and become very uneasy if that time is approaching and there is no available alcohol. The individual who experiences alcoholism will also increase the amount that he drinks in order to have a “good” feeling. Because he drinks so often and his tolerance level to alcohol is high, he constantly has to increase the amount that he drinks in order to achieve any feelings of pleasure. He may also start hiding alcohol in very unusual places. He may experience blackouts or start to be forgetful. He may also start to experience problems in his job and in his relationships with other people. He may also start to have financial troubles since more and more money is needed to fund his addiction.
If anyone is experiencing any of these symptoms at any time, then it is time to receive professional help. Although alcoholism knows no gender, unfortunately, gender knows alcoholism. Women are more likely than men to suffer severe health problems due to alcoholism. Women who abuse alcohol are more likely to suffer from liver damage and brain damage. They also have an increased risk of breast cancer and are more likely to suffer from infertility, miscarriages, and early menopause. They are also more at risk for high blood pressure and heart disease. Simply put, alcoholism can kill a woman.
It is often more difficult for women to receive treatment for alcoholism than men. This difficulty is due to a variety of reasons, which include lack of available childcare, lack of time off from their job to undergo treatment, and the need for a women-only treatment facility. Women need a womens alcohol treatment facility so that they can talk with other women about the challenges that they face with life and with alcohol. Women are simply different from men and that includes the way that they heal. In addition, those women who have suffered from sexual abuse may be reluctant to receive help because of the men present during alcohol treatments.
Alcoholism leaves a path of hurt and regret. It is a disease, and like many diseases, it can kill. Men and women alike must get help if they are going to overcome this deadly disease.

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