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Stupid Government Spending

If you think you spend a lot of money on some useless things sometimes, this info graphic done by Victory Tax Solutions might make you feel a bit better about yourself.  With wasteful spending being thrown at everything from entertainment to food.  See who was given a grant to create robotic squirrels and for what purpose, I laughed […]

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Why should you become a Law Student?

It’s really hard to decide what to be when you grow up especially now more than ever due to the millions of things you can be. But if you’ve dreamed of becoming a lawyer, right now has never been a better time to become a law student. Never before has there been so many options […]

False Accusations Ruining Lives

The legal process of rape cases are always so difficult to deal with. It affects both parties including the families of these individuals and can reach farther than that. So why are there so many that are missing this concept? White Goldstein Criminal Defense Law Firm did their research and found that close to 50% […]

Remembering Those Who Serve

There is nothing quite like American pride! This past Veteran’s Day hopefully many of you stopped to take some time and honor our vets and those currently serving for our country. However, if some of you forgot Pick Up Please put together an amazing info graphic that describes the startling numbers and statistics associated with […]