Being Informed

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Read the paper,and learn.

When you take the time to learn about the beliefs of a party and a candidate, you will find that your decisions are much more intelligent and fact based. Too many Americans vote for someone simply based on looks or character. While some of your vote should come from a person’s character, the majority of it needs to come from their platform and promises when they become president.

You can become informed through so many different venues of the media. Although it is now a slightly archaic form, reading the newspaper is still effective. You can learn about the different aspects of a party’s platform and you can also read about decisions that the candidates are making right now. However, like every other part of the media the newspapers come with a great amount of bias. Part of the skill that comes with reading a newspaper is derived from acknowledging bias and reading papers that hold a bias different from your own.

You can go onto the Internet to read literature that is put out by each individual and the parties that thy are sponsored by. This creates an informed picture in your mind as to how everything works and the possible consequences of your vote. The right decision is always an informed decision. So for this presidential election, take into account all of the stances your party and candidate hold and then compare them to the other party. When you see the differences and understand why you prefer one over another then you are making the best decision you can.

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