Choose An Expert Insurance Team To Cut Down Waiting Periods

sj-3People who find themselves in the middle of a tough insurance claim have to go through many different levels of stress. One of the most common stressful situations has to do with the time frame in which insurance claims are reviewed, processed, and prepared for legal proceedings.

The most professional and experienced legal teams do their parts in making sure all parties are accurately and quickly served, but the legal system in many jurisdictions can create waiting periods that seem undue, and entirely counter-productive to life. Insurance reviews, claims, and processing periods can seem like they take forever, but they are necessary to sort through the incredible amount of requirements that must be addressed by a great legal team. This is especially true for cases that involve complicated insurance claims and multiple parties.

Average Waiting Periods For Insurance Claims

Disability Insurance Claims: 0-14 days
Auto Accident Insurance Claims: up to 60 days
Home owner’s Insurance: depends completely on the amount of damage
Workman’s Compensation: 1-4 months

Choosing A Dedicated Team Is A Big Part Of Minimizing Waiting Periods

Having to wait extraordinarily long periods for insurance claim paperwork to be notorized, completed, and filed is largely dependent upon the efficiency of the legal team responsible for each case. Some teams have huge case loads that justifiably slow down the time it takes to process paperwork and reconcile cases with each client’s life and circumstance details.

Expert legal teams that have the skills and experience to process insurance claims can radically reduce the stress of those claims on individuals. As an illustration, Siegfried and Jensen, an insurance law firm located in Salt Lake City has separate divisions for business, estate planning, probate law, asset protection, and realty consultation. Each of these divisions manages case loads efficiently and creates a professional insurance claims processing climate that minimizes the wait times for clients.

Offices like Siegfried and Jensen understand the importance of quickly processing claims for positive client results. This model is utilized by many great agencies, but it is up to the client to make sure they have a great team on their side should difficult claims arise. A short insurance claim waiting period can mean the difference between a desperate situation, and one that is helped in immeasurable ways with the quick response of an ethical and organized legal service.

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