Everyone has a favorite time of the year, sometimes based on seasons.

Favorite Times of the Year

Everyone has a favorite time of the year.  Yours could be a specific day or a general time period.  It could go back to memories that Everyone has a favorite time of the year, sometimes based on seasons. you have from your childhood or be based on of the weather.  It could be completely related to the season premieres and finales of your favorite shows or sporting events or be based on political events.  Whatever your reasoning is you probably have a favorite time of the year.  Here are some favorites that are quite common:

CHRISTMAS – People love the nostalgia and ambience that Christmas brings.  There is a joy and a sadness that mingles into perfection.  Twinkling lights, hot chocolate, snow, carols, presents, giving, getting; these are all things that people are drawn too.

SPRING – One of the times of year that many people cling to is Spring.  For a short period of time there is perfect weather, flowers blossoming everywhere, a freshness and newness in the air that brings about a desire within oneself to do better than they have and to be better than they are.

4th of JULY – There is a joy and nostalgic feeling that permeates Independence Day.  For 24 hours you feel a loyalty and valiance for your country that is often forgotten throughout the year.  You remember how the country came to be and what it stood for and the freedom that people so bravely fought for.  You stand with your hand over your heart and cry as you watch the fireworks bursting in the air, understanding for maybe the most you will at all that year what a wonderful blessing it is to be free and to be surrounded by family and friends laughing and enjoying each others company.

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL – Starting out the school year just gets to some people.  The smell and touch of freshly sharpened pencils, crisp paper, crisp clean clothes, shoes, and backpacks, the anxiety of making new friends of looking at your class schedule and meeting your teachers for the first time.  To some people nothing compares to this excitement.

HALLOWEEN – People who love Halloween LOVE Halloween.  They go all out finding the perfect women’s and men’s Halloween costumes.  If they have children they might go crazy with theirs as well.  Themes and parties, décor and candy – these things can NOT be forgotten.  A Halloween without the Monster Mash is not a Halloween at all.  People need to be scared, laughs need to be had, and enjoyment needs to be experienced.  Some couples love Halloween so much that they get married on the day with a Halloween theme to boot.

There are so many different times of the year that mean so many things to different people.  One person might love a particular day that means nothing to the rest of the world, because a significant event took place for them on that day.  One person might think that a particular day is above the rest because the moon and the stars aligned perfectly one year.  Whatever your reason, find your favorite time of the year and embrace it.  Sharpen those pencils, smell the roses, dress up like ghoul – whatever it takes to fill your soul with happiness each and every year.

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