Fighting Personal Injury and Accident Injury Cases

If you or someone you love or know has suffered an injury in an accident. Henry and Williams Law is committed to helping obtain maximum compensation for your pain and suffering. We have over 55 years of experience in helping clients who have suffered from automobile wrecks, accidents caused by drunk drivers, hit and run situations, work related accidents and more.

Our primary objective is to protect and represent clients that have suffered unnecessary harm and trauma from someone else’s negligence. Our experience makes it possible for us to determine how much compensation you are entitled too. We also make sure your medical expenses and lost wages are accounted for.

We battle against insurance companies that don’t have your best interest in mind. These corporations only focus on remaining profitable. They attempt to do this by denying or minimizing the claims of those who are entitled to compensation. Our priority is to make things right.

We are dedicated to fighting on behalf of our clients to ensure insurance companies are held accountable. Our passion for justice is unstoppable and relentless when it comes to litigating against powerful corporations. If you were hurt and are entitled to compensation, we will exhaust every effort to make sure responsible parties pay-up. We spend every working day, looking out for your best interest.

Henry and Williams Law, utilizes every resource to succeed at trial or settlement negotiations. We consult with medical experts and professional technicians to build strong cases. Our network of expert witnesses are used to pinpoint the source of injuries and to ensure our clients receive maximum compensation.

As personal injury attorney’s, we took an oath to keep communities safe. This is demonstrated by achieving significant recoveries for clients we represent. The cornerstone of our service is abiding by standards of integrity, and professionalism, and obtaining the highest returns for our clients

Seeking justice is not about the size of the case, but the results that are produced. As personal injury attorney‘s, we aggressively pursue the full extent of the law and leverage our strengths to produce outstanding results.

Our efforts are centered around giving clients effective legal representation and the personal attention they deserve. We make ourselves available to navigate clients through the challenging legal process, every step of the way.

Henry and Williams Law, serve as a voice for people. We take on the tough cases that other lawyers walk away from. We go to battle for people that don’t have the experience to fight negligent parties, that refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

We embrace our role as the driving force toward justice, fairness and compensation. Our clients are an extension of who we are. We believe in the right of the suffering to start the process of healing emotional and physical wounds.

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