Fun Ways to Say I Love You

There are many important people in our lives that we need to constantly make sure they know of our love for them. That being said, what are some fun ways to say I love you?

First let’s start with saying I love you to our parents. A simple phone call letting them know the things you are appreciative of is a great start. This is two-fold. They will love that you called, and they will love to see what you are grateful for. Another idea is to write a handwritten note of appreciation and affection. This is great because your parents can keep that letter for a very long time. I know I did that for my parents on the morning of my wedding. I snuck into their closet and left a very heart felt letter of gratitude for all that they continually do for me. What are some fun ways to say I love you to your siblings? You can throw a party of appreciation for them and invite all their friends and family. Everyone in the room can then go around and say why they love and appreciate that person. If you have siblings that have children of their own, offer to babysit for free so that they can go out on a date night. Trust me, they will appreciate this far more than you can even imagine! Now we get to the best part, what are some fun ways to say I love you to your spouse? One option I know my husband would like is cookie delivery! Cookies by Design have such a wide assortment of cookies that you are bound to find something for everyone! I would probably pick out a love bouquet to send to my husband, or maybe a football themed one. Whatever your spouse is interested in, they have something for everyone.

Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t love food! Another idea for your spouse is to plan their perfect date. Think of what they would most like to do, and then go and do it together regardless if you like it or not. This shows your spouse that you are willing to do what they like and want to make sure they are happy. A third idea of a fun way to say I love you to your spouse is to visit your first meeting place or reenact your first date. This is fun to do because the feelings you had at the very beginning of your relationship can pop up and remind you why you really do love this individual. One last idea of a fun way to say I love you is to polish their shoes. This works best if it is a wife doing it for her husband. Instead of writing in bright colors all over his car your adoration for him, simply take a pair of his dress or work shoes and polish them up for him. Simple, but sometimes it is the most simple acts that can touch us the most.

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