Getting a Higher Paying Job, Get an MBA

higher paying jobMoving up in the career field is more challenging today than it was in the past as you are competing with other employees with advanced degrees and skills.  Returning to school to get your MBA can help give you the advantage in reaching for those higher career options.

The DU MBA program is just what you are looking for.  This program allows you to return to school part time while earning a world-class MBA degree.  You’ll still be working while improving your business skill set and knowledge.  You’ll graduate with a degree that allows you to climb the corporate ladder where you are or change fields or employers for a higher paying opportunity.

In addition to the right type of education, if you want to succeed as a valued employee there are several other key factors potential employers look for.  These include important characteristics and traits:

  • Integrity.  This is probably the most important characteristics of a trusted employee.  If you have integrity and can be trusted to work honestly you will find your employers notice this trait and value and reward it.
  • Initiative.  Taking initiative, offering ideas and solutions is not only a great way to get noticed by the boss but is also a great way to increase your responsibilities at work.  Employers notice those who are always willing to think outside the box and come up with ideas to help make the business successful.  Taking of care of things that need to be done without having to be asked is also an important way to show initiative.
  • Dependability and good work ethic. This important trait should be something that you learned at an early age.  Doing what you say you are going to do, showing up on time, and completing assigned tasks are all important parts of proving you are a dependable employee.  Proving this good work ethic is valuable to any employer.
  • Motivation and attitude.  Having a good attitude will bring great rewards in all areas of your life including your professional one.  A positive outlook helps to make for a well rounded employee and can in turn create a much more positive atmosphere for those who work with you as well.  This positive attitude feeds directly into being self-motivated to stay on task and a good job on assigned projects.
  • Communication skills.  Whether it’s in speaking with other, writing business letters, or in non-verbal cues; your communication skills are key in making yourself a valuable asset.  Knowing how to communicate ideas and concepts in a positive manner using the proper wording and language.

When you have the education to back your skills you’ll find it easier to find a great company with great potential to work for.

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