Green cards and what they mean for an Immigrants

A person’s immigration status may be referred to as a lawful way for an individual to remain in the United States indefinitely. This green card would allow a person to reside and legally work in the United States on a basis that is more permanent.

A green card is a way for an international immigrant to be considered a United States resident. From the years of 1946 through the years of 1964, the Alien Registration Card was green in color. In May 2010, the color was then reverted.

A green card is also a United States Permanent Resident Card under U.S. CIS Form 1-551. A good Oklahoma City Green Card Attorney may be able to explain these procedures a little more in depth and advise a person of what they should legally do to remain in the United States on a more permanent basis. The United States green card may show that an international alien or immigrant of another country has a permanent residence status in the United States. Green cards may also refer to the immigration process that a person must go through in order to become a United States resident and an Oklahoma City Green Card Attorney may be able to legally explain what may be required of an immigrant that would like to gain this particular status officially.

With a green card, an international immigrant may become an (LPR). This stands for lawful permanent resident in the United States. This label represents that an individual has been given immigration benefits officially by a judge in the United States District Court or by the federal agency called the INS. This may entail or actually include the person’s ability to actually take a job or set up a business or permanent residence here in the United States.

A green card holder has to always maintain a permanent residence while here in the United States. Their immigration status can be jeopardized or permanently revoked by INS if certain conditions are not met or if the conditions are breached in some illegal way.

The INS is a federal agency that stands for Immigration and Naturalization Service. This federal agency handles the immigration applications for all immigrant benefits. These benefits may also be referred to as United States Citizenship and Immigration Services as well. An Oklahoma City Green Card Attorney may be able to sit down and discuss what these federal agencies may be able to do for a person if they wish to remain in the United States legally.

In order to gain legal access to a green card into the United States, the resident must be 18 years of age or older. If an alien immigrant does not carry their green card with them at all times, they may be found guilty of violations covered under the Immigration and Nationality Act. These federal penalties can only be enforced by the federal government. The penalties could include the person being fined $100 per offense and it could also bring a 30 day jail sentence for each offense as well.

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