Helping Kids Develop

If you ask me, the opportunity to be a parents is one of the greatest things we can experience during life. As a parent, you have the opportunity to help mold children’s lives and help them to achieve their ultimate potential and greatness. That being said there are many ways you can help kids develop. One important thing you want to help kids develop is self-esteem. If a child has good self-esteem it can act as armor to protect the child against the evil things of the world they will undoubtedly face at some point. You want to help your child to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This is important because then they can know how to better handle conflict and challenges that arise externally or within themselves. Positive self-esteem also helps kids to generally be more happy and optimistic in life. This is definitely something you want your kids to experience. A second important thing you want to help kids develop is self-control. It is a common fact that children will misbehave.

Let’s be honest, kids will be kids and they will always throw tantrums, test the rules to see how far they can go, begin fights, use bad language, and/or not be obedient to set family rules and expectations. As a parent you want to provide constructive discipline when children exhibit these actions. This discipline from parent to child is not to be a power struggle, but it is an opportunity for parents to teach their children the error of their ways and how to better act next time they face a similar situation. This teaching allows children slowly but surely to develop self-control. If you are consistent with discipline and rules then your children will learn what to expect and follow suit. A third important thing you want to help kids develop is empathy towards others. This can be a complex skill to learn because it is recognizing that someone else is feeling a particular way that you may or may not understand, but regardless you respond to that individual with care. This is teaching a child that they are their own individual with their own feelings, but that we need to acknowledge that others may see and feel things differently than they do and they need to be able to accept that. This also deals with teaching children about different emotions that individuals commonly face such as happiness, surprise, anger, sadness or disappointment just to name a few. Along with these important things you want to teach your children, you also want them to grow intellectually. STEM education is a great way to accomplish this. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics which are all areas in which a child needs help developing in order to be a productive member of society later on in life when they are older. STEM is focused on strengthening children’s skills and abilities in these areas so that the United States can remain a leader in the global marketplace. As a parent your role is great, but don’t get overwhelmed because there are plenty of great sources to help you accomplish the goal of helping kids develop.

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