Hiring an Injury Attorney

Ordinarily, you would expect that when you suffer from an injury afflicted through another person’s carelessness, the person should own up and compensate you. Another expectation would be to receive a call from their insurer asking you to go and pick your compensation check. Sadly, this never happens and if it does, the people involved are exceptional. Not many people take responsibility for acting in a negligent manner. On their part, insurance companies offer to give compensation that is too little. It is for this reason that affected victims seek help from injury attorneys.

Injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that you only pay them their fees if they win a case and you are awarded adequate compensation. If you are in need of an injury lawyer, Forest Park area has got many experienced legal practitioners. Here’s how to go about hiring one:

Referrals from other attorneys

If you have suffered injury or know a close person who has, go to any attorney that you have interacted with before. Alternatively, you could ask workmates or friends to give you a few names. Lawyers refer clients to one another, particularly, when they get requests for help and yet the area in question is not what they practice. Your attorney friend will be able to refer you to a trusted attorney, one that deals with personal injuries. At times, the referring attorney will ask his colleague to pay him a referral fee. Inquire about this before you proceed to meet the prospective attorney.

Set up an appointment

Armed with the list of lawyers recommended to you, book an appointment with them. Prepare a list of questions that you will ask these lawyers. Among the possible questions you could ask about is whether the lawyer specializes in your type of injury. You will also be interested to know whether the lawyer has handled similar cases in the past, the number and outcome. At the same time, it also helps to find out the time it will take for the case to come to a conclusion. The lawyer needs to confirm whether he/she will handle your case on a contingency basis. Feel free to ask anything as long as it has a bearing on the case at hand.

Make up your mind

After interviewing the two or three lawyers on your list, go back home and compare notes. Analyze your experience with the attorneys. Make note of who answered your questions comprehensively, went ahead to give you additional information and so on. Choose a lawyer that you felt appeared to show interest and was ready to address your concerns. It is not always that personal injury cases end up in court. Most settlements are agreed upon by your lawyer and the insurance company’s legal team.

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