How Erosion Can Damage Your Home

Erosion is the condition where wind, water, and ice dissolves, dislodges, or removes surface materials. When these surface materials are removed from a certain location, this is placed somewhere else. This process is known as deposition. Process like erosion and deposition are considered natural. However, when human activities alter, increase, or perhaps, impede the natural movements of sediments, serious damage may eventually occur.

How Do Human Activities Affect Erosion?

Typically, soils are covered with thick vegetation. Grasses, herbs, shrubs, and trees aid in the prevention of excessive soil erosion that are caused by heavy rains. The leaves and the stems of the trees and shrubs intercept with the direct impact of the raindrops. This prevents rain splash erosion. On the other hand, roots are primarily responsible for creating channels for rain water to soak into the ground. In addition to this, roots help anchor the soil and protect the ground from the power of rushing water.

Whenever this vegetation is removed, the natural functions are also lost. The removal of vegetation may be due to agriculture, construction, road building, and logging. These developmental plans should be carefully planned to minimize the damages brought about by erosion.

How Can Erosion Damage A Home?

Erosion can cause a number of damages to a home. Basically, this can weaken the structure of a home that is built on unstable ground. Erosion can slowly occur under a home, and this will eventually affect the foundation that the home is built on. Weakened foundations can result to the eventual destruction of the entire structure.
When erosion happens on a large scale like landslides, this can also cause devastating destruction in residential communities and the roads. This can even lead to the loss of lives. In addition to this, erosion also has the tendency to degrade the landscape. This can make the landscape less attractive in terms of aesthetic or recreational point of view.

Should One Consider Getting Help?

Many homeowners may not realize the erosion problem until the damage has already become apparent. Basically, it is very important to seek erosion control Louisville before building any home. Professional erosion control service providers will be able to check the area where the home will be built. This way, they are able to determine if the area is prone to erosion. If the area is indeed prone to experiencing erosion, they can suggest erosion control measures before the construction begins.

Preventing erosion is definitely something that must be performed first hand. This is a less expensive option compared to dealing with costly home repairs caused by erosion. When it comes to getting help for erosion control, it is very important to seek help from the professionals to ensure that the preventive and corrective measures are performed correctly.

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