Installing a Second Bathroom

bathroomWith a growing family one of the most common requests or additions for homeowners is to add a second bathroom.  Whether in the basement, in an addition, or as part of a remodeled master suite; a second bathroom adds instant value to your home, but more importantly adds more function as well.  Here are the important things you should know when adding a second bathroom:

  • Before adding the bathroom you’ll need to determine where the best location will be.  While it might be nice to add a bathroom to a master bedroom for instance, you’ll need to determine if there is space available to do so.  In many homes the new bathroom is added in a basement where plumbing connections may already exist.
  • Once determining where you want to have the new bathroom, you need to determine how to get the necessary utilities to the space.  The most important items to have installed and connected for your new bathroom are sewer lines.  Working with a professional such as, you can decide how difficult it will be to run new sewer lines to the desired location.  For those locations with plumbing already stubbed in you simply need to determine if the proposed layout is one that works for you.
  • Running the pluming and water lines may be the most costly and time consuming part of installing the new bathroom.  You’ll need to determine where all of the fixtures will go, and how they will connect to both a water supply line and a drain line.  Once those are installed you can begin running other utilities such as electrical for power and lighting.
  • Once the bathroom is framed out and all of the utilities are installed you can begin adding the drywall and seeing the room take shape.  When building a bathroom it is important to use the right type of drywall that has been properly treated to resist moisture.  Once the drywall is up you will see your newly defined bathroom space.
  • Adding flooring and painting, followed by installation of bathroom fixtures will soon make your new bathroom a functioning space.  You’ll be able to choose customized colors, upgrades fixtures, and design elements such as cabinets, countertops, and tiles.

Because a bathroom is typically a small space you will soon complete the finishing touches and have a bathroom you whole family can enjoy.  With an added bathroom you’ll soon find that your family has more space for getting ready in the morning, there will be no more waiting in line for the showers, and you’ll find that even your countertops feel less cluttered.  A new bathroom adds a feeling of freshness to you entire home and is a good investment and equity building opportunity.

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