International Academy of Film and Television

The International Academy of Film and Television is a famed private school that was founded by Michael Gleissner of Bigfoot Entertainment in 2003. The academy began in the Philippines, but has since expanded to a few nations throughout the world. The locations of each facility are as follows: Cebu, Philippines, Miami, FL, Los Angeles, CA, and Hong Kong. The academy was designed for the purpose of educating independent and ambitious filmmakers looking to make a wave in the film and television industries. The school is attempting to help these young filmmakers fully realize their inner creativity and talents and push them towards success in the ever-expanding industry.

The curriculum is not solely focused on a central learning system geared towards Hollywood, but on other varied international film cities as well, so as to best cultivate future industry leaders that can work on a more global scale. Though the academy has only existed for ten years, it has quickly become one of the most renowned film and television academies in the world, particularly for its engaging courses and teaching methods. As of this point in time, the academy offers five programs for its students. The five programs are as follows: Diploma Program in Filmmaking, Certificate Program in Filmmaking, Diploma Program in Performing Arts, Certificate Program in Performing Arts, and Certificate Program in 3D Animation. The certificate programs last for two terms, while the diploma programs last for four.

One of the benefits of attending this academy is that students have access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology as it pertains to filmmaking. The instructors are all expertly trained and highly skilled professionals that are involved in the industry, actively working on the exact things that they are teaching their students. The class sizes are generally small; a benefit that does well at introducing a sense of unity and family within class, which facilitates a better learning atmosphere. The academy is open to residents and international students alike, though tuition differs accordingly.

The certificate programs in Filmmaking, Performing Arts, and 3D Animation are all basically introductions to those respective fields, though they do teach students many pertinent and essential skills for the careers they are trying to attain. The diploma programs for Filmmaking and Performing Arts are not only incredibly in-depth and detail orientated courses, but are also fully designed to prepare their students to enter the world of filmmaking and acting. Though each class offers theoretical studies, each course also includes many hands-on projects that each student must complete in order to earn their certificate or diploma. Alumni from the International Academy of Film and Television have garnered numerous awards at competitions and film festivals in many different nations throughout the world.

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