Laughter IS Medicine

You know me, I love things that make me laugh. Politics seems to be the leading source of much of that humor, but if it makes me healthier then I’m better off. Studies have shown that people who laugh and stay happy have a much slower rate of deterioration and they are also healthier in every other aspect of their life. It is important to laugh at things because without that, then the disease becomes too big of an obstacle and is too big to handle. You can do all things with a sense of humor.

Michael J Fox is someone who has been in the public eye as he deals with the diagnoses and management of Parkinson’s Disease. That is one of the most difficult places to have humor because you are constantly reminded of the fact you have a disease and everyone has their own opinions on it. His sense of humor was impeccable, despite the difficult climate that he worked in. His website, has a blog with a link to the blog. On the blog you can find a post that is called “Shaking with Laughter”. That may sound a little politically incorrect, but it is a loved organization. There was a convention for Parkinson’s disease where a couple of comedians came and spoke on humor and health. If you want to hear the podcast, you can just click on this link and listen to it. It really makes you smile and it can change your life. Humor works miracles and it helps when the people who are trying to make you laugh know what it is that you are going through.

Shaking with Laughter is an organization all on its own. The people who you listen to on the podcast are those who helped to create that organization. As of recently, they have raised over $170,000 and are hoping to raise much more. It has been around for only about a year and is trying to broaden the base from Cleveland, OH to the whole United States of America. Karen Jaffe is the wife in the duo and she was the one who was diagnosed with the disease. She continues to do work in the field and does not let the disease define her. People try to define her, but she continues to do great operational work while raising awareness for the disease that she has begun to deal with.

The Shaking with Laughter organization is always holding events, so you can just check on their website to find out if there is something going on near you. You can also donate money to their organization or offer to sponsor one of their events.

The video here is from a laughter club which is where people get together and laugh. This releases endorphins and other healthy chemicals that make you feel better.

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