Men’s Health: Shaving Stands Help With Personal Hygiene

Shaving stands may actually play a vital role in keeping men everywhere healthier. It’s certainly true that owning one of these stands puts you a step ahead of the rest, at least in regards to proper personal hygiene. This is due to the massive amounts of germs and bacteria that are commonly found in restrooms, which just so happens to be where you shave at every morning.

Even as a young child; you were likely taught the proper sanitation techniques, found below, for hand washing in a public restroom. You were taught this because your parents knew how filthy restrooms are, as well as how many germs can be found in them.

Common Knowledge: Proper Hand Washing Technique in a Public Restroom
1. Prepare the paper towel
2. Turn on the faucet
3. Wet and lather your hands with soap
4. Vigorously rub your hands together for at least 30 seconds under the running water (About the length of time it takes to sing the alphabet song, but I recommend doing so silently in your head when using a public restroom, or people might start asking questions about you.)
5. Dry your hands
6. Use the paper towel to turn off the faucet and as a hand guard for the doorknob upon exiting the restroom.

What many people fail to realize; according to The American Lung Association and Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA)*, is that their homes can have as much — if not more bacteria — than that found outside or in the public. While there may not be much you can do to eliminate this problem, there are certainly ways you can avoid contact with such germs and bacteria — and what better place to start than with your face!

How Shaving Stands Help Reduce the Amount of Bacteria That Reaches Your Face

According to OnGaurdSanatizing.Com*, there are substantially more bacteria on the faucet and near the drain in your bathroom sink, than there are on the bathroom countertop. Therefore, it would appear as though the further you are away from the center of the sink; the better, because you are likely to encounter fewer germs.

Bathroom Sink faucet Handle = 6,267 bacteria per square inch*
Bathroom Sink Drain = 2,733 bacteria per square inch*
Bathroom Countertop = 452 bacteria per square inch*

It would also stand to reason that a device that sits on the countertop and holds your razor in an upright position, so that the part that touches your face isn’t making contact with anything in the bathroom; would drastically reduce the amount of bacteria transferred from your sink, to your razor, to your face. Just remember that shaving stands may help reduce the amount of bacteria found on your razor, but washing and changing the blades frequently, are both equally important.

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