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Bathroom and Kitchen Re-Modeling

I’ve been looking at doing some re-modeling recently and the most widely used material in the bathroom and kitchen is tile. This does not come as a surprise since tile provides a touch of style in the tiled room. Functionally, the right choice of tile makes cleaning effortless and prevents slips.


There are numerous bathroom tile design ideas available which homeowners can chose from depending on their color preference, bathroom size, desired functionality, and budget. Among the famous tile choices are ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and other exotic tiles such as glass, stone, marble or cement.


Ceramic tile is a thin tile made of clay and fired over extremely high heat to produce a dense property. A ceramic tile may bear a glazed or unglazed surface and its density makes it ideal for flooring.  This tile’s durability is assessed through its PEI or scratch resistance properties, and MoH hardness scale. A ceramic tile with PEI 1 is suitable for walls while grade PEI 2 ceramic tiles are appropriate for kitchens and bathrooms. On the other hand, ceramic tiles rated MoH 7 is hard enough for residential floors since ceramic tiles with lower MoH grade tends to crumble. It is also easy to clean, possess scratch and stain resistant properties, retains its color over a long period of time, and has low moisture absorption characteristics that prevent slips.


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Porcelain tile is also gaining popularity among homeowners. Like ceramic tile, porcelain tile also comes from clay but these are denser than ceramic tile and often chosen for their visual appeal.  Porcelain tiles are fine-grained, smooth, and usually characterized by either a clear luminous or granular appearance.Glass tile is a bit more expensive compared to ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. Glass tiles are very easy to clean and environment-friendly but it is rather fragile and must be installed by a professional.  Other equally expensive tiles are those made of stone and marble, which also needs to be installed meticulously to prevent cracks during installation.


Choosing the right tile color can bring dramatic impact to your kitchen or bathroom – light-colored tiles on small rooms make the space look larger while dark colored tiles are best used only in a huge bathroom. In general, blue, green and purple are considered cool and calming tile colors while red, yellow, peach and other warm colors add to a fun and cozy feel. Other color choices that can give outstanding designs are combinations of blue and white tiles, grey and navy blue tiles, and red and pink tiles. A choice of two contemporary colors gives the bathroom some depth and added dimension.


Printed tiles arranged as mosaic also makes an interesting piece unless used exceedingly, resulting in a busy and cluttered design. Same colored tiles installed on the floor and wall also works as long as different tile size is used for the walls and floors. Often times, choosing a bathroom tile pattern can be overwhelming but there are numerous sources both on magazines and the internet you may use as reference when narrowing down your options.  With perseverance and a bit of patience, you can always find the right choice of tiles for your home.


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