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Packing Up And Moving West To Take A Job

Sometimes, the past is the present. In bygone years, miners and pioneers packed everything they had and headed west to find their fortunes. So now today, their descendants are finding the same necessity. Many people find they must pack up their lives and move to find work. The direction can be varied, but the basics necessary to the undertaking are the same.

The basic steps to moving begin with gathering supplies. To find moving supplies in San Francisco or elsewhere, start looking at traditional moving supply stores for boxes. A cheaper alternative for those on a tight budget would be to ask around at restaurants and retail outlets. Many have more empty boxes than they know what to do with and are quite willing to give them to those who need them.

Once the boxes and packing tape have been gathered, it is time to start packing. Packing up a life is both time-consuming and emotionally draining. Be sure to take your time. Start with the rooms least used in your home and work toward the most used. Mark each box with its destination in the new place. Potential methods of marking each box’s new home are colored tape or numbering the boxes.

After everything is packed, the time has come to clean the old place. It makes sense to use the same route to clean the old place as to pack the old place, working from the least used rooms to the most used. Depending on your living situation, this cleaning may be a requirement or just a nice thing to do. Either way this cleaning is helpful for emotional closure. Afterwards nothing remains behind.

Now it is time to hit the road to the new place. Unlike the miners and pioneers of the Old West, you will usually know exactly where you are going and when you are going to get there. The distance can be across the country or it can be across town within the same time frame.

Arriving at the new place, it is time to unpack. But this time you start with the most used rooms and working towards the least used spaces. As you unpack, start clearing out the packing materials. Doing this as you go along allows you to not be overwhelmed with all the materials at the end of unpacking. Removal of the packing materials also restores a sense of normalcy.

When unpacking is complete, raise your glass to your new home and new life. Like the pioneers of old, you have faced all the obstacles of leaving the old and embracing the new. Breaking down the steps to moving helps make it easier to handle.

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