What Is The Difference Between Foreclosure And Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy and foreclosure are similar because it is associated with financial problems.  Both of them are legal proceedings that serve different purposes–with different objectives and different results.  In other words one is there to help a person out of a financial situation; the other is there as punishment for not paying their monthly payment.  Learn […]


Rent or Lease?

The decision to rent or lease is a really big one that should be given a lot of thought and consideration.  There are a lot of perks to renting and a lot of perks to buying and it really all depends where your priorities and financial responsibilities lie. Some of the benefits of renting include: […]

Running for Office

Running for State Office

Running for an official state position in government is a tricky business in this society. Gone are the days where merit solely marked the most qualified candidate. Nowadays, a person cannot run for office without marketing skills and a significant amount of money. Because there are so many people that a state official nominee will […]

Laughter IS Medicine

You know me, I love things that make me laugh. Politics seems to be the leading source of much of that humor, but if it makes me healthier then I’m better off. Studies have shown that people who laugh and stay happy have a much slower rate of deterioration and they are also healthier in […]

Raising Money

There are so many ways to donate for a cause such as Parkinson’s, people just need to be aware of the opportunities. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of the people in the world are good they just have not all had the chance to show it yet. Once people know that they have the […]


Managing your Finances

The basics of managing your personal finances are not incredibly tricky.  It simply requires a small amount of knowledge, some self discipline, and some organization.  The main points of basic financing include budgeting, accounting for money coming in and going out, and staying within the budget you’ve set. Obviously the number one tip is to […]

bathroom tile ideas

Bathroom and Kitchen Re-Modeling

I’ve been looking at doing some re-modeling recently and the most widely used material in the bathroom and kitchen is tile. This does not come as a surprise since tile provides a touch of style in the tiled room. Functionally, the right choice of tile makes cleaning effortless and prevents slips.   There are numerous […]