Everyone has a favorite time of the year, sometimes based on seasons.

Favorite Times of the Year

Everyone has a favorite time of the year.  Yours could be a specific day or a general time period.  It could go back to memories that you have from your childhood or be based on of the weather.  It could be completely related to the season premieres and finales of your favorite shows or sporting […]

Stem Cell Funding Ban Lifted

Yet another rare moment of common sense. The Obama administration can continue using federal tax dollars to fund human embryonic stem cell research, an appeals court ruled on Friday, overturning a judge’s decision and handing a victory to the White House. A federal judge ruled last year that the U.S. National Institutes of Health guidelines […]

Cherry Picking with Conservatives!

Put on your boots and gloves! It’s time to go Cherry Picking with Conservatives! To kill a half-hour of boredom, I had what some would call a “conversation” with some of the ignoratsia (the opposite of “intelligentsia”) on Twitter this afternoon. The subject: Let Us Consider How Conservatives Cherry Pick the Constitution and Bible, Accepting […]