Raising Money

There are so many ways to donate for a cause such as Parkinson’s, people just need to be aware of the opportunities. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of the people in the world are good they just have not all had the chance to show it yet. Once people know that they have the ability to make a difference, then they will seize that and make use of it. Not everyone knows about runs that raise awareness or other ways they can donate.

Everyone has heard about the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, but they do not know that there are other races out there that are also trying to raise money for other health cures and other causes. One website that offers information specifically for Parkinson’s is called This website has information regarding events that are being held and where they are. You can also click on the tab at the top of the screen that says “How Can I Help?” and the website then directs you to a page where you can donate money to the American Parkinson Disease Association. You can also go to other websites where there are local organizations that hold events to help raise money for a cure. The money that is made goes to help scientists have the equipment and materials that they need in order to find a cure and medicine for it. An example of a local site would be the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego.

Everywhere you look, you can probably see a car around you with some kind of ribbon on it. You can purchase one of those for Parkinson’s Disease and the proceeds from that go to help fund research. It is one way of saying that you care if you are not able to run a 5K for it, but you still want something to show for your donation.

Apparel is another way to go if you want to buy something that goes to help someone else. There are shirts for just about everything. One for those with multiple sclerosis is a shirt or sweatshirt that says “MS Gets On My Nerves”. For those of you who understand, MS is a condition that targets the nervous system and can cause severe pain. It is great for those who have a sense of humor and also a strong drive to find a cure. There is a shirt for those with Parkinson’s that is completely grey with grey lettering that reads as follows, “Losing is not an option”. That may sound a little less than exciting, but what is best about it is that the ‘o’ in ‘losing’ is replaced by the grey Parkinson’s ribbon. It is a classy way of saying that you care without having to wear something with a person’s name on it.

If you have a loved one who is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease or any other debilitating condition, show them that you care. Donate to various societies, wear advocate apparel, and be a part of their lives. They are going through something that is very difficult and they need you to be there for them.

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