The Importance of a Customer Billing Procedures

Customer service and the billing process of a company can be just as important as the product or service that they sell. This is because if a customer is not happy with payment terms or it is difficult for them to pay their bill they may choose to look elsewhere for their business. Knowing how the billing process works and helpful options that can make it go smoother can greatly impact the reliability and reputation of a company’s customer billing and customer service.

The first step in the billing process is preparing invoices and sending them to the customer. This step can be made easier by setting up reoccurring billing or automated billing. This makes billing easier and more predictable for both the company and the customer. If reoccurring billing is not an option, than setting up a procedure with clearly laid out rates can help keep billing simple.

After the invoices are prepared and sent out, it is time to collect customer payments. This can be done in the form of collecting checks, cash, or processing online or credit card payments. Many customers enjoy the ease of credit card and online payments, since they don’t have to go through the process of writing out a check and putting it in the mail. By offering a convenience like credit card processing and online payments, customers will be happy and pleased with how easy the company has made the payment process for them.

The final step in the billing process is record keeping and sending out receipts to customers if needed. Record keeping is important in case the company ever needs to reference a customer’s billing and payment history. It is also important in case of an audit. Sending out receipts to customers is just as important to the customer for those reasons.

If a business does not have the resources to have an efficiently running billing department or account department, they may find that hiring an outside service to handle their billing procedures may be an optimal choice. One such option is Chargify Billing Software. This software allows customers to setup a payment account with your company and will send them their invoices and process their payments.

Chargify Billing Software has many different features and options available. It has a wide range of services from customer setup, to invoicing, to tracking customer trends and information. The software also allows you to imbed the invoicing and payment processing to a company’s website and accounting software. This way all record keeping and processes are in sync. This can make the billing process much simpler for companies.

The difficulty of the billing process of a company can be a deal breaker for many customers. By having procedures in place that ensure that the billing process from invoicing to payment collection runs smoothly, can have an impact not only on a company’s reputation, but can help with their recordkeeping too. By using an outside company like Chargify Billing Software, companies can create a billing process that is easy for customers and themselves.

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