Top 5 Video Clips That Will Live On Forever

The lifespan of a video clip has changed drastically over the years. These days all you have to do is post a video to the internet and the chances that it will last forever will increase dramatically. YouTube has made it so easy to immortalize clips and spread them throughout the world. It wasn’t long ago that we had to deal with fragile audio and video mediums like video cassettes and 16 mm film. It’s not hard to tell which clips are going to last longer than others. They’re the ones that top list the list of most watch clips on a regular basis. Popular clips used to fall off the map once their first spike in prominence fell by the wayside. When they’re featured on YouTube, they have a chance of getting consistent page views as long as their subject matter remains relevant. This ability to remain on the forefront of your topic is unparalleled than what you had to deal with at any point in history. You have the option to create your own clips that could serve as advertisements for your brand for years to come. The ease in which we’re able to produce videos has driven down the amount of money we have to spend to create them.

If you think of any topic for a video, you will have no problem finding a sizeable list of clips that are going to last forever. The internet has breathed new life into clips that were forgotten years ago. In an effort to become a one stop shop for watching videos, YouTube has anything and everything you would want to watch. You will find clips that you forgot existed if you look hard enough. When a video goes viral, there’s nothing stopping it from becoming a sensation that few people will forget. The term “going viral” refers to a video clip that started accumulating page views at a rapid rate as the result of some force acting upon it to inject it with sudden popularity. A video that goes viral gets publicity from every media outlet known to man on and off the internet. The flow of page views lasts for many months after the clip became famous. Businesses are hopping on this trend and trying to produce videos that they hope will go viral. While the results are great, it’s nearly impossible to come up with a formula that will make any video you produce go viral.

We’re in a time where video clips are more prominent than full-length productions. You can get more eyes on a clip these days than you can to watch anything that’s longer. The internet has created the perfect marketplace for creating masterpieces and putting them in front of the right viewers. Narrowing down the list of clips that are out there to the ones that will last forever is hard to do. We’re not in an era where you have to take immaculate care of your clips for them to survive anymore. Here are our top news clip.

1. Landing on the moon

2. World trade center terrorist attacks

3. Kennedy assassination

4. Challenger disaster

5. Michael Phelps 8 gold medals

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