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Why So Many Couples End In Divorce

Have you ever wondered why so many people walk down the aisle just to end up in divorce court? Regardless of how in love a couple is with each other, time and circumstance doesn’t leave any couple safe from the horrible divorce statistics.

The divorce statistics keep climbing with more than 40% of all couples now heading to divorce court. With this alarming rate it goes to prove that love is not a good enough reason to stay together, there are other deciding factors. Typically, a couple is not just going to separate for no good reason, there are many factors that come into play when one decides to leave the union. It doesn’t matter which party initiated the separation, it is always a very stressful and equally emotional time.

What are the common reasons for divorce? There are many but the top five are:

Communication Problems: Life is busy and the one you love the most can become a stranger. When people stop communicating about problems and even the joys of life, the marriage can suffer. When your best friend knows more about you than your spouse, there is a problem.

Adultery: When one party has been unfaithful to the marriage it almost always ends in divorce. Whether it is a one-time occurrence or something that happens frequently, most people are intolerant of sharing their spouse.

Abuse: Abuse does not have to be all physical. Many couples experience verbal bashings from their spouse that classify as abuse. Being in a relationship where you are constantly being belittled is a common reason for leaving.

Finances: Most marriages have two types of people the spender and the saver. Regardless of how much they try to make everything work, finances are a huge issue that people get divorced. Diverse backgrounds and ways of doing things often cause great turmoil.

Illness: The vowels say to love honor and cherish all the days of your life, in sickness and in health, but still many cannot handle the responsibility when a spouse gets sick. It can be a financial burden and also an emotional turmoil that is difficult to deal with. While some people stay and try to maintain, eventually the burden becomes too great and they separate.

These are just a few reasons why people separate, but there are many more. Divorces can be messy and when there are assets involved things can get even worse. If there are children, custody and other issues must also be discussed. It is always best to have an attorney even in the most amicable of splits. Tulsa Divorce Attorneys can help you get through this difficult time and take care of all the legal paperwork. During this emotional time, leave all the legal proceedings to the professionals.

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